Square watch tin box packaging

Colorful Mini candy Tin Box small candy storage container
Small Large Size Oval Tin Cans



Fit for: Universal Packaging
Material: Tinplate
Color: Customizable.
Logo: can custom made your logo.
Packaging: Customizable
OEM/ODM: Yes, pls talk with us via email.
Features: Customized drawings and samples, the size and style of materials are determined by the customer,
exquisite details, humanized corner design, to avoid inadvertent injury, using tinplate material, to prevent
corrosion and rust, tinplate products have corrosion resistance , non-toxic, high strength, good ductility,
sealing, preservation, light protection, firmness, etc. Surface oxidation treatment is to make the surface of
the product dense and stable, and firmly oxidized with the substrate. Membrane, thus obtaining certain
protective and decorative appearance properties, spot color printing, creating exquisite packaging, the inks
and coatings used are non-toxic and harmless, the color and height of the inside and outside printing of this
octagonal can of high-grade candy packaging tin box Trademarks can be changed and designed according to
different requirements of the guests.